11" Uncapping Knife (Stainless Steel)

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Use this double-sided serrated uncapping knife to easily cut wax cappings from the frames of the beehive.

11" Uncapping Knife (Stainless Steel)

This double-sided serrated knife was made with sharp edges to easily maintain hives. It was carefully designed to specifically be used to easily and effectively cut off wax cappings from a frame of honey.

Use: Cut wax cappings from the frames
Size: 11" Long

TIP: Dip the uncapping knife into a pan of hot water in between cuts to make uncapping easy. We also recommend using TWO uncapping knives so that you can switch blades as they cool off. When the first uncapping knife is no longer cool, switch the cool knife with the heated knife that was kept in the hot water and easily uncap the frames of honey.

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11" Uncapping Knife (Stainless Steel)
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